End of year thoughts

2020, the year that put a stop to many, many things.

Families stopped gathering on Sundays. Friends stopped visiting friends.  Travelers canceled their long-awaited trips. Scholars graduated through a computer screen.  Brides postponed their dream day. Unfortunately, many people are never hugging loved ones again.

Though there is much to be sorry for, to cry about, to wish for a different ending…

There are a thousand million reasons more why we should be happy.  Everyone’s lives are different, and I can only speak for myself when I present you these reasons I choose to focus on:

  • Though I was not able to visit my family and friends back home, I am grateful for their health, well-being and the opportunity I get to talk with them electronically.


  • Though my business was directly impacted (like everyone else’s), I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue offering my services to past and new clients, that know they find me useful and important, that I get to wake up to a purpose… and especially, that through me, many other vendors, service providers and families continue to have a steady, honest income.


  • It fills my heart to know that Cabo, Baja, México and many other areas continue to be a place where many visitors are finding peace, a home, a haven for their families. It motivates me to see families choosing to invest and live here, that they continue enjoying our culture, traditions and look forward to many more sunny days by the beach.


  • But most importantly, I am deeply thankful for the circle of friends that have become family. For the ones that come to you when you need it the most.  For the ones that welcome you at their home when you are tired and have no place to go.  For those who call you once in a while, just checking to see how you are.  For the hug that pieces you back together.  For the family that continues to be there through thick and thin.


There is one thing 2020 will never be, the year that broke us; and for that, for our resilience and the hope for a better future, I am thankful.

To you, reading these lines, thank you for not giving up.  Cheers to a 2021 that will make us smarter and stronger and to a happy and healthy new year ahead!


Cristina Chowath – Rentals Advisor & Property Manager