Weekend Escape at Baja’s East Cape

About a week ago my friend and I enjoyed a paradise of crystal clear waters just for ourselves. We drove to Punta Pescadero, on the East Cape, and had the most relaxing afternoon while digging our feet in a beautiful sandy beach. With the soft caressing sound of the water and not a single soul nearby, we truly were in heaven.

Home to fine residences and a coveted beach resort, Punta Pescadero is located 15 mins north of Los Barriles. It is widely known for its tranquil living and enjoyable snorkeling with blue water views everywhere you look.

No point in trying to describe with words what these pictures attempt to capture.

If you are a Baja resident or visiting for a few days, I sincerely recommend you to take the road less traveled and escape to Baja’s East Cape. This #underthebajasun space is the perfect setting for you to recharge and enjoy nature with your loved ones… or simply by yourself.